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How do you generate B2B and B2C leads online?


Lead Generation (or Lead Gen) promises to stimulate business growth by optimizing each digital acquisition channel.

Lead Generation marketing is most frequently used in B2B, but the same tactics can be used in a B2C Lead Generation strategy.


Leads are new potential customers you will receive as a business if everything is set up correctly. Then it’s up to you to define whether they are promising prospects, curious people or simply visitors.


There are 3 main stages in digital sales:

  1. Attract leads
  2. Convert leads into prospects
  3. Transform prospects into customers


1. Attract Leads

Leads are people who do not know you or your business and who potentially might be interested in whatever your goods or services. Thus, Lead Generation is the process and tactics of attracting these people to your website. You'll need multiple ways to attract leads and convert prospects.

Below, we’re giving you a run through the ones that have proven their efficacy over time. 


Digital Tactics for Lead Generation

There are a few ways you can reach your target customer. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, however, all of them can be effective when utilized according to your needs. It’s always a good idea to test things first, and then decide what works best, based on ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and ROI (Return on Investment). 


Organic Marketing (SEO)

The main goal of organic marketing is to build brand awareness and connect with your target audience through educational or entertaining copy that is generated by an SEO specialist. Organic marketing is a long-term acquisition strategy.You can organically attract visitors with:

•       Local SEO

•       Content Marketing

•       Inbound Marketing


Get in touch with us to learn more about our SEO services.


Paid Marketing (SEA)

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. Thanks to SEA, you can develop Google Ads campaigns that will secure you a place above those who got to the top organically, you will be immediately visibile to your target audience.Learn more about Google or Bing Ads campaigns.


Social Networks and Thematic Blogs

Reach out to with your target audience on the platform they use. Social networks allow you to build a community of people that use your product or are interested in your offer, and to manage direct communication with your customers or prospects. Thanks to users’ personal data gathered by social networks, you will be able to capture the attention your potential audience.Writing quality comments and guest-posts in competitors’ thematic blogs can also help you expand your online presence and brand awareness, which would, in turn, drive the traffic to your website, and leads — to your business.



Everyone knows the infamous difficulties:

  • The struggle to have an Opt-in base
  • Email deliverability
  • Low email opening rate
  • Exhaustion of the email database
  • etc.

However, it is still possible to generate commitment by catering to the needs and worries of your cold emails recipients. 

Try taking part in emailing campaigns or making yourself known via newsletters of companies that are thematically close, but are not your direct competitors, it can become a lucrative strategy for acquiring new prospects.

Example: A real estate agency, whose objective is to target owners who wish to sell their property, could allocate space in its newsletter for a home design or cleaning/repair company. This can be done by sharing advice content, an offer and/or a visual, with a link to a landing page on your site.


Co-registrationJust as you can negotiate a deal for space in other business’s email marketing, you can use somebody else’s lead acquisition strategy to your advantage.

Example: When filling out the form on the real estate agency website, you are offered whether or not to receive an offer from a home repair company.

You can negotiate a good deal with your host, so that these leads can come out much cheaper than those that you get through your Ads campaigns. However, they will also, probably, be less interested because they were not initially looking for your services.



Pay your business partners for promoting you to their customers or visitors, thus bringing you leads. 

As with emailing or co-registration, the success of affiliation depends first and foremost on choosing the right partners. To identify them, think about the buyer journey.

•       What is the thought process of your prospects?

•       When do they need your services?

•       How do they choose between two suppliers?

Example: An internet provider promotes their offer using a moving company. Both businesses’ customers are in the process of moving homes, therefore it’s the ideal time for them to compare prices and offers for setting up new internet contracts.


The approach to each acquisition channel depends on your audience. Contrary to the promises of beginner growth hackers, Lead Gen will require various processes and investments of time and money. It does pay off, though.


Test different Growth Hacking techniques and develop effective lead nurturing with our digital marketing agency.


2. Prospects Conversion

Attracting visitor to your site, whatever acquisition channels are used, is only the first step in the sales funnel. Once a visitor is on your site, you will have to call them to action, that is to show their interest in buying your product or service:

•       Fill out the form

•       Call the phone number you provided

•       Email you if you provide that optionEven after they’ve contacted you, you still need to convince and convert them into a prospect, that is to say into a person likely to make a purchase from you. To do this, you have to win them over.


Don’t Take Prisoners:

• A Fill Form page, or Landing page with clean design, and well-written concise offer

• Elements of reassurance (verified customer reviews, recognized certificates, etc.) near the Conversion Form, to give confidence in your expertise

• A Conversion Form with minimum number of fields to fill in and boxes large enough for small phone screens

• A conformation page that comes up right after the Conversion Form is submitted and says what to expect next — a call, an email, a 10% reduction on a subscription — with thank you to the visitor for having completed it

• Check the elements that can slow down conversions:

1.     Slow loading of the website

2.     Page or form not adapted to mobile screen

3.     Too many steps leading to conversion

4.     Too many links or buttons, or visuals distracting the user from your Call to Action

• Optimize conversions through an A/B testing campaign. That is, creating multiple versions of the form, testing them with a sample of people, and then deploying the most optimal version at scale.


3. Turn Your Prospect into a Customer

This step is mainly based on the expertise of your sales representatives and their efficiency:

•       Prompt response

•       Professional experience

•       Customer skills

•       Addressing customer’s need

•       Good return of the offer


There you have it, a great deal of digital tactics to drive traffic, generate leads, convert them into prospects. The final step however, the sale itself, remains in the hands of your team.


Contact our agency if you need expert help with lead generation strategies.



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